A gallery overview of the installation. Untranslatable, Asikainen & Macedo, Museu de Imagem e Som- Santa Catarina, Brazil, 2018.

In·tra·du·zí·vel - untranslatable (2018)

Museu da Imagem e do Som de Santa Catarina, Florianopolis, Brazil, (2018) The retrospective exhibition of Silvana Macêdo’s and my collaborative work which we produced during our respective PhD’s (1999 -2004)

Our collaborative work in this exhibition (majority of it produced during our joint PhD’s) investigates a complex relationship interwoven between art, science and nature. One of the central elements of these collaborative works is the notion of translation or the untranslatable, as a device that triggers practices which are conscious of the translation process, or more accurately, of the transformation that it entails. Thus the artworks can be understood as translation processes in which nature is conceived as an untranslatable “original”.

Project was funded by Brazilian Ministry of Culture.

A link to a project documentation catalogue on Issuu.

A person looking at greenhouse and projections. Untranslatable, Asikainen & Macedo, Museum de Imagem e Som, Santa Catarina, Brazil 2018.
A glass tubes and container filled with air. Air (installation detail), Asikainen & Macedo, 2018.
A video projection of pine forest covered in snow. Air (installation detail), Asikainen & Macedo, 2018.
Two video projections; The Moon, and, a pine forest covered in snow. Air (installation detail), Asikainen & Macedo, 2018.
A person smiling while looking into a peephole. ‘Secret’, Asikainen & Macedo, 2018.
In the peephole, there are insects attached by needles on to walls of a tiny box gallery. ‘Secret’, Asikainen & Macedo, 2018.
Two projections, one showing details of an insect's wing, the other one in the background is showing pine forest covered in snow. Henna is in middle of the image. ‘Lab’ (installation detail), Asikainen & Macedo, 2018.
A microscope attached on to a wall. ‘Lab’ (installation detail), Asikainen & Macedo, 2018.
A man looking into the microscope. ‘Lab’ (installation detail), Asikainen & Macedo, 2018.
People talking in the exhibition opening. Museum de Imagem e Som, 2018.
Two hammocks, table, chairs and images on the wall and on the table.. Fieldwork, Asikainen & Macedo, 2018.
The Moon. ‘Moon’ (video still), Asikainen & Macedo, 2018.
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